Hello, I'm Jenna.

Photographer // DOG FANATIC // Adventurer

How it all started

I credit falling in love with taking pictures of people in natural environments, to my partner Gabriel. Going along to a wedding with him showed me the beauty of capturing connection in nature, being able to experience our sense of adventure and love as one. We have four children together, a Golden Retriever and they all are the loves of my life!
That is when I picked up a camera 4 years ago and started to chase light and landscape with couples in love, in the Canadian Rockies. I was the director of a Helicopter company and we shot a lot in the back country a tonne and I always took pictures while outside in the mountains and on the side, in my spare time
I have been told over and over by the people that I work with, that I am have a tendency to create a calm and serene environment when I work with my couples and that my kindness shines through when we shoot. I leave space for you two to connect and enjoy being in the beautiful landscapes and to really show each other how much you love each other while I capture it. I have been told by my many clients that I am directive and helpful, thoughtful and make everyone feel at ease - whether it be at your busy fast-paced wedding day or a helicopter elopements shoot on the top of the world, I am there for you.



Places you might have seen me

  • The New York Times
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  • Wedding Wire
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Get to know me

I love mountain mornings in spring, prefer winter to summer, thunderstorms & hiking with my dog to new places...

Know the facts

01 - I love dogs. Like....A LOT. My dogs name is FREYJA - after the Norse Goddess of love, beauty & war.

02 - I own a guitar. No idea how to play it.

03 - Photography is just one of my artistic passions. I was a singer & songwriter in the electronic music scene in Toronto for many years, I love cooking, the outdoors, and playing video games every once in awhile.

04 - I have 6 tattoos. The Buddha of compassion, Japanese dragon, Johnny Cash, A Leica camera, My dads first record label, True North Records.

05 - Toronto native mixed Danish Viking heritage. Scandinavia is for lovers.

06 - I have a passion for building things. Things with Legos. They might be Harry Potter related too.

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Canadian Rockies, Based Portrait & Wedding Photographer